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Home Gym Equipment (New) Liquidation ($45,000 At Cost)

By June 1, 2012Auctions

Home Gym Equipment (New) Liquidation ($45,000 At Cost)


Date: Thursday 14th June 2012


Where: At our auction facilities 33-41 Annie Street, Wickham (Newcastle)


Under instructions from: The Liquidators


Catalogue Includes:-


7 x Treadmill’s – Motorized, neat, foldable, screen display for time, speed, distance, calories, pulse, 1-10km/h safety switch, 1.5hp motor.

21 x Large Bicycle’s Magnetic – 5 Function LCD display, time, speed, distance calorie, hand pulse, 8kg flywheel, dimensions 122 x 57 x 141cm. PVC saddle, 8 adjustments. Suitable for over 100kg.

63 x Small Bicycle’s Magnetic – Features scan, time, speed, distance hand pulse. Flywheel 6kgs, dimensions 70 x 50 x 109cm, PVC saddle, 8 adjustments.

8 x Home Gym Set’s – Compact and neat. Lat. pull, Bench press, Pec deck, knee extension and knee curls.

176 x Box’s of Strap on Weights (6 per box) – Contains a pair each of .5kg, 1kg and 1.5kg Strap easily around wrists or ankles for muscle strengthening exercises.

33 x Yoga Mats – Designed for Yoga excercise.

34 x Yoga Blocks and Straps – Yoga excercise equipment.

5 x Black Excercise Mats – Folds in 3,25.5mm, 1800 x 600mm vinyl covered.

125 x PVC Excercise Mat’s – Excercise mat with illustrated excercises.

220 x Dumbells – All in pairs, comfortable neopreme. .5kg pair, 1kg pair, 1.5kg pair.

204 x Strap-On Weights in Pairs – Wrist and ankle weights for strengthening excercises Smooth and comfortable .5kg, 1kg, 1.5kg.

32 x Minitrampoline (Rebounder) – Stable and sturdy 36″ excercise trampoline, Great for balance and aerobic excercise.

125 x Wedge Cushions – Ideal for car, office or lounge, especially designed to assist core stability while sitting.

35 x Small Step Boxes (68 x 28cm) – Lightweight but sturdy, ideal for step excercise, designed for the older generation to do “falls prevention” excercise. Has 2 levels.

40 x Aerobic Steppers (Reebok Style) (109 x 41.5cm) – Very sturdy step box with 3 levels, perfect for gym class or for homeĀ  use.

37 x Mini Stepper – Perfect for home use in the TV ads. Handles to assist with balance and biceps excercise. Great strengthening and core stability.

66 x Cases of Dumbells (6 in case) – Neat carrycase with 3 pairs of weights. One pair of each .5kg, 1kg and 1.5kg.

365 x Gym Balls – Excercise balls for balance, stretches, strengthening and core stability, also for sitting. Sizes 45cm with pump, 55cm with pump, 65cm with pump, 75cm no pump.

58 x Pairs Strap Handles – Lightweight handles for use with theraband or toning tube, ideal for shoulder pulleys.

23 x Toning Tubes – Excercise toning tube with handles. Easy resistance (pink) Medium resistance (dark pink)


Inspect day prior to auction from 12.00 – 4.00pm and Morning of auction from 8.30am


Buyers Premium plus lot fees apply to every lot


Enquires: Tim Norman 02 49 694 555


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