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Normans Auctions are innovators in their field, specializing in providing auction and valuation services to a broad range of business and industry.

Over the years we have conducted many on and off site valuations and auctions for a wide range of clients ranging from individuals and small business to administrators, chartered accountants, government departments and large enterprise. Our flexible resource structure allows our business to expand and contract so that no task is too large or too small.

The straight forward, honest and reliable behaviours that all Normans Auctions staff commit to ensures that the best possible results are achieved for our clients while maintaining a level of trust envied by our competitors. It is this attitude that is critical to our reputation in carrying out auctions and valuation services for our clients.


The merchandise we handle is as diverse as our many clients:-

These include:

  • Hospitality and Hotel Clearances
  • Industrial Plant and Equipment
  • Office Furniture and Ancillary
  • Catering and Restaurant Equipment
  • Pawnbroker and Police Auctions
  • Classic and Desirable Cars
  • Wine and Alcohol
  • Trade Stock and Accessories
  • Earthmoving, Trucks and Machinery
  • Construction
  • Computer and Business Equipment
  • Leather Lounges and Modern Furniture
  • Jewellery, Antiques and Collectables