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Saturday 16th June 2012

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Date: Saturday 16th  June 2012


Where: On-Site Tea Gardens (1 hour from Newcastle)


Under instructions from:  Myall Automotive and Tyre Service due to closure of business.


Please note offers in one-line will be considered prior to auction.


Catalogue Includes:


2 x Molnar 2 post floor ground hoists, 1  x Repco 4 post hoist, 1 x 3 Phase SAF mig welder, 1 x 20 Tonne press, 1 x Computer and monitor and  auto care program, 1 x Karcher vacuum cleaner, 1 x Bench grinder, 1 x Drill press, 2 x Workshop benches, 1 x Servex laser wheel aligner- 2 chargers and books, 1 Oxy acetylene bottles,hoses and cart, 1 x Headlight aligner, 1 x Ryobi drop saw, 4 x Sets of axle stands, 1 x Coda work station, 1 x Bench vice, 2 x  Lay Boards, 1 x Engine support stand, 2 x Floor jacks (highlifter jack), 1 x Drain sump pit, 1 x Coates wheel balance, 1 x Boxer swing tyre machine, 1 x Bead blaster, 1 x Tyre stand, 1 x Big tyre stand, 1 x Durst multimeter, 1 x Karcher pressure washer, 1 x Globe cabinet, 1 x Jump pack, 1 x CV Boot gun, 1 x Engine crane, 1 x 3/4 Rattle gun, 3 x Tubless truck levers, 8 x 3/4 Impact sockets, unions, adaptors, 1 x 20 Tonne bottle jack, 1 x 12 Tonne bottle jack, 1 x Sledgehammer, 1 x Small block hammer, 1 x Ratchet strap, 1 x Airhose and reel, 2 x Pinch (crow bars), 3 x Lift slings, 1 Tractor water inflator, 1 x Track tyre gauge, 1 x Tyre wheel, 1 x Stitching rasp, 1 x Air boy, 1 x Stitching tool, 1 x Air chuck, 1 x Valve tool remover, 16 x Tyre, tractor, truck valves, 3 x Fire Extinguishers, 1 x Soldering iron, Box assorted pulleys, Hub separator, Stilsons (1 pair), 1 Kit of tap and dies, 1 Coder pressure tester, 1 TK tester, 1 x Slide hammer and pulley kit, 1 Flairing tool kit, Drum puller, 1 x Large G clamp, 1 x Medium G clamp, Extension seal set plugs, 2 x Box of number stamps, 1 x Workshop compressor, Tyre puncture repair kit tools in workshop


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